Friday, 22 November 2013

Chalk Paint™ Makeover - Bedside Tables from Lucille

As promised, Olivia of Lucille is sharing the makeover of her bedside tables using Chalk Paint™, decorative paint by Annie Sloan. Olivia kindly took the time to take lots of step by step photos to share with readers. I am buzzing with excitement about this paint as I completed my first project today and I cannot rave enough how easy Chalk Paint™ is to use, and its endless possibilities. 

Below, the 'before', Olivia wanted to re-finish, two recycled timber, bedside cabinets. She chose 'Paloma', a neutral colour that wouldn't fight for attention with her teal coloured headboard (last image). 

Olivia's Method:
  • There is no need to sand or prime before using Chalk Paint™ but Olivia said she loves to break rules and I believe that our best work can happen when we do. Olivia sanded back to remove old watermarks and some makeup stains that had accumulated over the years.
  • Handles were removed from the cupboard and the sides of the drawers were taped off with masking tape. The draw pulls Olivia decided to retain and paint over as the fluted edge reminded her of seashells, a little homage to her living next to the sea.

  • 2 Coats of Paloma were painted onto the drawers and cabinets, leaving the top clean.  
  • First, Olivia cut into all the corners with her paintbrush, working one side at a time. Because this is fast drying paint, if it is a hot day, you need to work relatively quickly.
  • Once dry, Olivia mixed up a wash for the top of the cabinets. She mixed Old White with Paris Grey (about 50/50) and then added water until the mixture was about half paint, half water. She said a thin consistency is required. 

  • Working in sections, she painted the top with this mix, then wiped off the excess with a clean rag, making sure to blend the sections together. Repeating the same process on the body of the cabinet, leaving a thin coat of the wash over the Paloma.
Applying the wash in sections and wiping off

After the wash has been applied to the body of the cabinet

Lining the drawers
  • Once the wash had dried, she used a super fine sandpaper (400) to sand back some of the wash and expose the Paloma below. This gives a soft, worn appearance.
  • After wiping off the sanding dust, Olivia applied one coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax with a rag. A brush would have been easier to get into nooks and cranny's but she said, work with what you have. Olivia said the wax was very easy to use, creamy in consistency and no strong chemical smell like other waxes.
  • Once touch dry (about an hour) she used 240 grit sandpaper to distress the edges and expose the wood below.
  • The piece was then finished off with one more coat of wax and buffed.
  • Olivia chose to add that special touch of lining the drawers with wrapping paper and she added some new door pulls to complete it.

Drying time before applying wax

Waxing, adds sheen and protection

Olivia will be running a workshop on re-finishing furniture on November 23rd.  Note; this is not an Annie Sloan workshop, however the techniques taught, could be used with Chalk Paint™Please visit Olivia's website, Lucille for further details. I realise I have posted this rather late for the course which is tomorrow, however Olivia will be holding more workshops in the future, you can contact her by email at: to find out more.

If you want to know more about Olivia's work and see her other re-finishing projects, you may be interested in a post I wrote about re-finishing or upcycling furniture. Her desk below feature some of the little extras touches such as lining the drawers.

As I mentioned earlier, next week I will feature my own project, I am thrilled with the results and eager for my next piece which is an antique French mirror somewhat previously spoilt by an attempt with gold spray paint. It has lots of fabulous detail and I am going to use two colours and some dark wax to enhance this detail. If you have any Chalk Paint™ achievements of your own and you are happy to share them, please email me, I would love to see them.

Since publishing this post I have achieved my own makeover on an old chest of drawers, you can see and read

Lee x

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