Thursday, 21 November 2013

Home Office Inspiration

Just a quick post this morning as I am rushing to an appointment but wanted to share some inspiring home office ideas. 

I have small bedroom I plan to convert into an office. Currently I am working in this room surrounded by easels, books, printers, rolled up rugs (that don't fit this house), boxes of mums things and a myriad of other items that have nothing to do with an office and I realise I am in desperate need of a garage sale. Trying to visualise this room as an organised space, is a little bit tricky right now. Originally I had planned to have a garden studio but the very small back yard made me concerned it would end up an 'eye sore', so drawing on some inspiration from Houzz, I put together a few ideas. I am planning light coloured paintwork, practical shelving, room for my easel and a cosy chair...An office, but not too office like, more a relaxed space to blog and paint (my oil paintings). I will be revealing the makeover after Christmas, just as I did my guest bedroom.  
Meanwhile here is my inspiration...

Hope you have a lovely day

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