Wednesday 6 November 2013

Cottage Style - Creating Curb Appeal

Don't neglect the exterior of your home, make it as welcoming to your guests as your interior. Until now my exterior has sadly been neglected but it is currently undergoing a mini makeover. There is no better words to describe my homes exterior than, 'plain Jane', a square, ex-state house which is sadly lacking in exterior beauty. In fact, I am so embarrassed by it's lack of architectural design, I will not be showing the 'before' photo until I have the 'after' to wow you with. However, as I know that people love 'before and afters' I do promise to show both images when my challenge is complete next month.

If your not blessed with an elegant portico or charming cottage architecture, I believe you can still create this style with a little imagination. Standard Bay Laurels, box hedging (Buxus) iceberg roses and climbers can add a cottage feel to your home. Add a porch roof or portico and appropriate style entrance door and you should have that much loved cottage look. I realise that some of the images below are a little more grandiose than cottages, however they all have a 'traditional' feel which is what I am trying to portray. From the inspiration I have found, I created a mood board to help me achieve the look I desire.

Symmetry never fails to work

A grand entrance, traditional style...I do love the shutters

Symmetrical potted plants is the easiest way to lift an entranceway

 Roses and buxus for a cottage appeal

A portico is an easy way to add architectural interest

Since drafting this post my incredibly kind neighbours (who are re-structuring their own garden), have given me all their buxus hedging. I had little time to get the plants in so have had to make a really quick decision about where they should go. Already there is a huge difference in the look of my exterior and I cannot wait to complete my makeover.

Addendum: Since publishing this post I have progressed with my makeover, you can now see the 'before' and 'after' photos in progress, here.

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