Friday 8 November 2013

Create A 2D Room Design With Neybers App

I love to have fun creating and designing 2D rooms and when I was recently invited to test a new website called 'neybers', I was keen to see how they compared. This clever app enables you to use your design skills or simply have fun creating the room of your dreams. I had read neybers features were more advanced than similar internet sites and after putting them to the test, I would have to agree. Neybers products have transparent backgrounds, there is no need to remove a background from a product which can occur with similar websites. Another great feature of neybers is their background images can easily be altered, such as the placement or removal of windows and doors or change of materials in floors and walls. I also found it easier to create my own style when I started to shop for products. Well known designers and brands can be found such as, Cappellini and Fritz Hansen, and I even spotted some Louis Vuitton handbags.

I put neybers to the test by creating a contemporary kitchen. I went to their site for the first time and logged in through Facebook, however if you don't have Facebook, there is a quick registration. The next step is to select your room from their range of templates. Floor or wall areas can easily be altered by clicking on the selected area and choosing your appropriate texture from the images provided below the room. A wall texture can be changed from wood to brick, with a simple click. The shadowed people that appear in the rooms can be moved around or 'removed' using the 'bin' icon to the left hand side. You can then select furniture and accessories from their existing library. To make it simple, neybers have catalogued their images into styles, such as Antique, Asian, Bohemian, Roccoco, Vintage etc, simply find your style and this will lead to a library of products. Other ways of searching is through colour, brand, designer, store etc.

I created the contemporary kitchen above by following these easy steps;
  • Selected my room from neybers existing templates
  • Removed the shadow people by clicking on them to select and then using the 'bin' icon on the side bar
  • I selected areas where I wanted to change textures such as floors or walls
  • I then clicked on 'shop' to furnish my room. I shopped using 'category' and then 'kitchens' where I found my basic cabinetry and appliances
  • Note: it is easier to shop a few of images at a time as the images will overlay each other in your room
  • Shop a few items, return to your room and adjust their sizes and place them, then continue shopping
  • Note: after shopping, click 'shop' again to return to your room to place the item
  • I then began to choose my furniture and accessories, listed alphabetically under categories
  • I chose my shelving, kitchen unit, appliances, range hood and lighting
  • I selected the photo image for the wall and completed the room by adding some bar stools

I could have continued to add or remove furniture from the neybers library of images but decided to keep my first room less complicated. However, preferring lighter floorboards, I decided to switch the floor from dark to light wood as below simply by clicking over the floor area to select and then choosing my new texture from images below the room.

Deciding to play around a little more, I changed the texture of the walls, removed a window and made a few other changes. You can also take a snapshot of your image cropping it to whatever dimensions you prefer.

It was hard to stop once I got started so created a couple more rooms...

Images can be easily moved, re sized, removed entirely, flipped, manipulated or cloned. One of my favourite, features is being able to add light to an area such light shining from a window or down from a ceiling light. After I selected my island lighting I used the 'effects' selection to the right of the page to add beams of light. Shadows can also be added to a room for a more realistic look. Another fun feature is being able to shop for a rug, then use the horizontal icon at the bottom of your room to lay the rug down as seen in my Gustavian room.

You can check out other user's rooms on the neybers website or their Facebook page. neybers is still in beta mode which means the site is still in development and there is the promise of some interesting features coming up that will make their site even more unique.

I hope you have as much fun as I did, I would love to know what you think of their site, any feedback is helpful to the developers as they are still in 'beta' mode. The only downfall I could find at this stage was their library of images was still in its growth stage, however I have been informed they are currently increasing their images and have some great brands and designers from around the world. However, in saying this, I managed to find plenty of appropriate products to create my rooms. Neybers is a fun site that can be used by the novice or the designer, a place to dress up a room and wile away some hours or maybe help you with a decoration project and if your into Nordic style there is plenty of furniture and accessories to keep you busy.

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