Wednesday 27 November 2013

Master Bedroom Inspiration - French, soft blues/greys, luxury bed linen...

Right now, my mind is all over the place, I am trying to complete so many tasks around the home that I am constantly flitting from one job to another. My kitchen, master bedroom and exterior are all to be re-decorated or renovated and some of these jobs I would like to complete by Christmas. My master bedroom has a French cottage look and after 3 years I am in need of a change. I want to update my bedroom with, fresh new colour, replace my existing roman blinds with wooden shutters and add some additional furniture. Unfortunately I don't have a large space to work with so detailed planning is vital. 

Good design starts with great inspiration and the best way to plan a room is to create a mood board, a place to collate and visualise your ideas, see what works and what doesn't. The board will help you plan your budget and become a starting point to source your products. My theme remains French but a little more luxurious, my colours will be soft tones of grey/blue and white. Luxurious bedlinen is one item I won't skimp on, crisp white, 100% Egyptian cotton in a high thread count is a must. I wouldn't sleep on anything else and the thought of lying between even a smidgen of polyester, honestly, makes me shudder! My 'wish list' consists of the furniture I feel would work and the colours I will be using. Possibly, once I go shopping, cost may intervene and I may end up with some alternative pieces, however I will try to get as near to my look as possible, just as I did in my recent guest bedroom makeover.

The now (minus the floral bedspread)...

Inspiration, subtle blue/grey tones, crisp white cotton, shutters, French furniture and a tad of opulence...

Oh, and did I mention I want to replace my roman blinds with shutters!

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My mood board...

I hope you enjoyed this post, maybe you have been thinking of re-decorating a bedroom, to help you on your way, I have lots of ideas on my Pinterest boards which are listed alphabetically for ease of search. I will be starting work on my bedroom in a couple of weeks and will keep you up to date.

Update: November 2014....A girl often changes her mind and my bedroom is in the process of re-decoration however, my theme changed somewhat and it is now a coastal/Hamptons style. You can view my new design

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