Monday, 20 January 2014

A Rustic Cabin In The Country - Natural wood and stone merge with earthy linens.

A rustic cabin built in the Polish countryside is home to a couple and their guests.With abundant fresh produce from their neighbours, it is easy to see why Hania and Januszfelt the need to build their house in the countryside. Although a new build, its beamed ceilings and rustic feel could easily fool you into believing it is much older than its actual age. Earth tones are seen throughout the house, from the floorboards and beams to the stone fireplace. Natural linens in soft muted greys feature in the soft furnishings and blend seamlessly into their surroundings. The combination of subtle colours and natural materials used in this interior, bring a sense of peace and relaxation. Intending to retain a country look without overdoing it, items collected from travels can be seen displayed in pretty vignettes around the house, with a love of chickens evident in the kitchen and dining area. A combination of different textures such as wood, wicker and iron, lend a natural, country feel to this lovely home.

The unusual rattan lamp above the coffee table, I believe is from Domoteka, unfortunately I couldn't track down the actual product

The cross back dining chairs perfectly compliment the ceiling beams 

Wood, rattan and metal combined for an earthy effect 

A collection of chickens perch on a bookshelf 

A compact but well designed kitchen

I do love this ceramic chicken - I have a French china one that belonged to my grandmother, the top lifts off to reveal your eggs below, although I believe this one to be an ornament

The soft earth colours extend to the bedroom

A basin with lovely lines sits atop a whitewashed stand

Natural stone and wood work beautifully in this bathroom

The exterior architecture is cabin style and fits perfectly into its country surroundings

Photography Aneta Tryczyńska - Styling  Agnieszka Głowacka

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  1. What a beautiful, tranquil house. Love it. Paula

  2. Thank you for leaving a message Paula and I agree entirely with you. I was reading an article today about how a house needs to be minimalist to be peaceful, I don't agree. A house can become peaceful by careful choice of colours and eliminating clutter, but a house certainly doesn't need to be minimalist to be tranquil

    Thank you for taking time to comment :).


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