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Make Your Hearth & Mantelpiece A Focal Point

I know it is a little early to be thinking about fireplaces when New Zealand's in mid summer, However, if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace you will probably agree they are a year round focal point. A mantelpiece and hearth for that matter, are the perfect place to use our talents to turn 'focal' into 'fabulous!' We Kiwi's tend to be a little reserved with our mantel's, reserving the time for change at Christmas, most likely, this is because season changes are less noticeable than in the Southern hemisphere. However, why not take a few tips from my American friends who regularly update and refresh their mantelpieces not only during season changes, but holidays too. Thanksgiving, Easter, and Halloween are times they refresh their looks and I don't see any reason why we cannot do the same. In fact, why wait for an excuse, changing your mantelpiece vignette regularly would keep your room fresh and interesting. Maybe it's an appropriate time to bring out a few of those things you have tucked away in your cupboards, you may have inherited some lovely pieces or put some away for lack of space. I have a friend (unnamed) who constantly changes her rooms around. I am always surprised when I visit, but at the same time delighted to see whats new and often return home inspired to make some changes myself.

Images above via Pinterest

If you have a large, open fireplace with maybe an Aga or wood burner, don't stop at your mantelpiece, extend your creativity to the hearth below. Rustic log baskets, candelabras, fire dogs (not the barking kind but the iron grate kind). Don't over do things but use the space to create an eye pleasing vignette. Remember when creating vignettes to use different heights and layers, still retaining a balance. I have written a previous post with tips on creating the perfect console vignette, which you may want to read later. I realise we are talking about mantelpieces and not consoles, however the same rules apply when trying to create a balanced design.

Above: Fireplace and surround, log basket and companion set from Fireplace Products.

More inspiration...
1. Above: An eclectic mantel
2.Above: Display a photo gallery
3. Above: An outdoor patio with an understated fireplace dressed to enhance the stone plaque
4. Above: Layering with artwork
 5. Above: Mantel and coffee table vignettes that compliment
6.Unusual...maybe Harvest festival or would look wonderful if your fireplace was situated in a large open plan kitchen/dining area

Images sources: 1|2|3|4|5|6

Next week I will share my own mantel makeover, I am digging deep in my cupboards to bring out something new.

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