Saturday, 25 January 2014

Home Office Inspiration

My office is currently set up in a small room in my house, the room was previously a bedroom until I converted my larger office/studio into a guest bedroom. I am sitting at my desk, surrounded by masses of clutter and disarray, piles of books, boxes, two rolled up Persian rugs, a cabinet filled with 100's of redundant music CD's and a huge earthenware pot. When I look around I feel quite sad and it's no wonder I haven't the inspiration to paint. I need to re-decorate and create a peaceful office/studio. A cluttered atmosphere to me means a cluttered mind and it will be a huge release when I am able to give this crowded space a new life and purpose. A while ago I was looking at putting a studio in my garden but realising that it would not have been the right solution I have decided to make the best I can of this small room. 

Any renovation or makeover has to begin with some inspiration and searching Pinterest I have found a number of home office images that speak to me. I don't really have anything I want to keep from the existing room, if I can afford it I will replace my current white metal desk as I feel it is a little too clinical in appearance. I have an idea of the look I want for my office and drawing elements of inspiration from the following images...

 The chair, the desk, the wall colour, I love it all!
Powder blue with touches of grey - See the before and after of this lovely home office at Pink Little Notebook
Wooden trestle table

A light filled room is so important, I also appreciate the 'pops' of colour. I may use a pop of yellow with the blue in my office
Baskets on shelves
Maybe a statement rug
Framed whiteboard

Images Above: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7

The room itself is South facing which in the Southern hemisphere gets the least light, I am still tossing up whether to install a skylight, the only problem being if I do sell the house later it may only be classed as an office and for resale, a third bedroom is important. My theme is 'Hamptons' style. On the walls I want to paint a soft, pastel, barely there, blue. 

My Mood board...
All items except file boxes, are from Freedom Furniture

I will be re-decorating my office in stages as I have many projects on the go and not enough budget to finish the office at once. This weekend I am off to purchase my bookshelves which will at least help me get some of the books off the floor and onto the shelves. I will also purchase some storage boxes to keep things tidy. For this project I plan to take progress shots as I go along. I don't want to scare you away with the before, until I can at least show some of my progress.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Lee oxo


  1. Oh my, those are all just wonderful! I must say, the first one really does it for me! Good luck with your office, I'm sure it'll be a knock out! Happy I found your blog via Kim's at Savvy Southern Style.

    1. Thank you Nancy, I went out to get my bookshelves this weekend, I have to wait a couple of weeks for them to come back into stock but saw a sweet little desk that might work. I also love the first image, unfortunately I only have a small office so no room for the fabulous built in bookshelves. Nevertheless whatever I do to the room has to be an improvement on it at the moment.

  2. Beautiful inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Cristina, thank you for taking time out to leave a comment :)


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