Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Glass Cloche Styling Ideas

I bought a sweet little glass cloche with a bird on top, it didn't come with a base but I found the perfect solution, a little silver engraved sweet tray that was my mothers. I then bought a wee, rustic terracotta pot and planted some baby Thyme. The idea of the Thyme was borrowed from Le Monde where I bought the cloche. I spotted some little pots of Thyme on one of their dining settings and thought, what a great idea. There are plenty of other clever ideas for styling glass cloches, so I am sharing a few today...

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Above: I spotted this unique wire cloche with DIY instructions at a lovely blog called Raised In Cotton
Images above via Pinterest

If you have a glass cloche or thinking about buying one, I hope you've found some inspiration to help with styling.

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  1. love the cloche with the bird.. love... love that tiny plant! of course i would kill it way too quickly, but that plant in that little pot looks positively perfect under that glass cloche. love it.


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