Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Romantic Danish Living Space - Country Style in White

I often dream of living in an all white house but wonder about the practicalities and if it might feel a little cold. However, the owners of this Danish home had no qualms about going all white to create a light abundant living space. If you look closely you will see it is not completely white,  antique wooden furniture and other materials have aged to a gentle patina of warmer tones. Far from cold and sterile, this living area provides a comfortable space for the family to relax.
Ethereal beams of sunshine shine through the spacious windows, filling the rooms with white light.  The light is absorbed by the beautiful crystal chandelier suspended from the centre of the room and reflected back into the space. 

 Artwork has been chosen sympathetically to keep the white theme, drawing its tones from the surrounding materials. 

An old Swedish folding table has been painted white. Two Rococo chairs peek from behind the far end of the table

 English earthenware and German silver candlesticks create a romantic vignette on the dining table

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I think you will agree, a beautiful home, where symmetry abounds and helps create a balanced space.


  1. It's really quite beautiful. Lots of lovely texture, and touches of wood and natural tones help warm it up. x

  2. Absolutely beautiful. That desk is insane it's so beautiful, and just look at those pink peonies with all the shades of white... Wow...



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