Tuesday 4 March 2014

Introducing Classic Wallpapers - Designs of the past for interiors of today.

Unlike the fashion industry where colours and designs change seasonally and we are constantly replacing our wardrobe to keep up with the latest trends, interior design is a little more sedate. As consumers we take time to invest in our homes and we are usually dictated to by our personal style rather than a passing trend. Whether our personal choice of interior is contemporary, rustic, industrial, French or classic, we look for products that portray our unique taste. Personally my taste leans towards 'classic', timeless designs of yesteryear. I love French and English styles, so I was excited to learn about a new range of classically designed wallpapers.
Available at Wallpapered this classic range from Watts of Westminster is reminiscent of the past. Muted tones in soft blue, lavender and rich raspberry. Original designs re-created for today's interiors. Watts of Westminster have been designing wallpaper since 1874 and are guardians of a genuine archive of period designs. Watts reproduce designs of the past on papers of today and 'Wallpapered' are proud to stock their latest range.

Wallpaper is a designer's secret weapon, especially for use on a feature wall or to bring life to a bland space and there is nothing more beautiful than a classic design with timeless appeal. Whether you choose to place your paper behind your bed or on a feature wall such as a fireplace or entry way, you will most definitely add a touch of class to your home.

Above: New Classic Designs available at Wallpapered

Above: D'urberville, Hyacinth, Circa 1795. A charming late 18th century French design of a pastoral scene typical of the period. Originally it would have had a blue/grey ground and a soft cream and taupe cartouche and vignette. Available in a series of colourways including Parchment Sage and Merlot Red below, it is also comes in a stunning Chanel Silver.

Above:  D'urberville Parchment Sage 

Above: D'urberville Merlot Red 

Tuileries in Picture Perfect Blue

Above: Kensington Vintage Rose is available in 6 dusky hues from Lavender to Garret Blue, Circa 1890. Although the design appears English, the original papers were found in the attic of the Fred Holland Day House in Massachusetts.

There is a wide range of classic wallpapers available at Wallpapered's website along with their designer range, nature, photography and more. Wallpapered also have a Design blog where you can catch up on their latest products and design trends. I hope I have enlightened you a little on classic wallpaper, it is definitely the quickest way to enhance your home or add a little authenticity to a period home.

Lee oxo

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