Sunday 16 March 2014

Cowboy's Daughter Design Journal and A Lovely Surprise

It all started with the image above, the cute little candle holder clipped neatly onto the plate of a New Years Eve tablescape.The tablescape was designed by fellow blogger Kelly whose blog I had been following for a few months. Cowboy's Daughter Design Journal is where Kelly shares her musings and lovely images of her home and projects. I spotted these cute little candle clips and left a comment on Kelly's post, they were so lovely I asked Kelly where she discovered them. Kelly emailed and informed me, they were vintage and had been given to her by her grandmother. However, she said she had more little candle clips and would like to send me some. I first said no and that I would try to find some on line, but Kelly said she really wanted to send me some, so I humbly accepted. 

A couple of weeks later I had the most pleasant surprise, a knock at the door revealed a courier with a parcel from Kelly. I opened the box and inside was a pretty box with a label saying "To Lee, a package of treasures". I carefully opened the box to reveal not only the little candle holders but some other little treasures too. What a sweet, thoughtful person I thought, but actually I had already worked out that Kelly was a lovely person by her blog. When you follow a blogger you learn about their personality, and Kelly's shone through as a kind and caring person. I wanted to share Kelly's thoughtfulness with my readers so I took a few pictures of my little box of treasures and chose some images to share from Kelly's blog.

Above: My box of treasures... A little field book, a wooden bird whistle, some pretty little gift tags, the candle clips and another little surprise box...

Above: I opened a pretty little box to reveal the tiniest glass cloche and a little Quails egg

Above: Two vintage daffodil candle clips were among the other flower clips Kelly sent. I thought these perfect for Easter. I have still to get some little candles, but have finally discovered where I can get some in Auckland.

I hope you get a chance to pop over to Kelly's blog and see some of her lovely ideas. Kelly loves to write letters as well as paint, so I have added some of the beautiful photos she has taken of her writing materials.


It is lovely to see someone keeping the tradition of letter writing alive, I can't remember the last time I wrote a letter by hand. I think we get too reliant on typing and when we do write a letter its usually typed and printed out to post. I should make an effort to write more myself as it would be a shame to let the art of beautifully hand written letters die out.  

Thank you again Kelly for your kindness and thank you for letting me share.

Kelly's original New Years Eve Post & Images


  1. Thank you so much Lee~ I have loved getting to know you, a true kindred spirit indeed!! xoxo and much, much love. Thanks for the sweet post, it just means so very much! xo

    1. Your most very welcome Kelly, thank you for the kind words, your a kindred spirit too, thank you again.

      Lee :)


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