Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Side Table Styling & Apartment 34

When it comes down to the finishing touches of a newly designed space, styling can make or break a room. You begin with a vision and for that vision to come to life, those final touches are just as important as the larger pieces of furniture you select. To actually own the space and make it interesting and unique to you can be challenging and to create an inviting, contemporary space can further present difficulties. However, one person that makes this task seem a breeze, is Erin Hiemstra, the talented woman behind Apartment 34. When it comes to styling Erin definitely has the creative touch.

I discovered Erin's website last year when I was cruising Pinterest for images for my post, Coffee Table Styling, when I noticed one of Erin's images of her apartment. Erin had been re-arranging her loft space and found herself noticing a small metal table she felt no longer depicted her style.  Erin created a post about the table and illustrated three options that would work in its place. With clever use of styling Erin shows how a small change can become a big change. I have only shown option one, so please hop over to Erin's page to read the full post and see her two other options, you will find a link a the end of this post. 

Above: The 'illicit' iron table

Above: (Option 1) adding warmth with wood. With a small change this area takes on new life

The founder and CEO of Apartment 34, Erin shares inspiring ways to add sophistication to your every day life and with her unique finds and creative ideas she gives a fresh take on contemporary living. You can read Erin's full post and see options 2 and 3 for this room setting,  at Apartment 34

Original photography by Aubrie Pick. Please use blog etiquette and only pin these images from Apartment 34 :)

Lee oxo


  1. I will check her blog out.. good photos, she must use a white light setting do you think? I am still learning to use mine, not a whole lot of luck yet. Nice find! I am eager to see her blog.

    Hope you are having a lovely crisp fall day~


    1. Thank you for your comment Kelly, I don't think she uses a white setting, possibly has a really good camera. I notice there is a huge difference between the D7100 and D800 Nikon camera's the D800 is so much brighter and whiter. I often over expose my images to get a whiter light. I need to go on a course and learn exactly what I should be doing with my camera as I don't believe I am getting the best out of it.


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