Friday, 6 June 2014

With Bold Needle & Thread Book Review and E-Book Give-a-way

One of the delights of a blogger, is the unexpected surprises we sometimes receive. When publishers, Random House recently asked me to review Rosemary McLeod's latest e-books ‘The Rosemary McLeod Craft Series’, I was delighted. I asked if they could send me a hard copy of the original ‘With Bold Needle and Thread’ to review as I don't personally own a Kindle, not only did they oblige but they have offered the gift of one of her new E-book versions for one lucky reader.

If you are from New Zealand, you are likely to be familiar with Rosemary McLeod as a distinguished journalist; however you may not be aware Rosemary also collects vintage textiles and is herself, an expert in needlework. In fact, Rosemary's work has featured in galleries and museums throughout New Zealand. With a previous best seller and winner of New Zealand's book of the year award with, 'From Thrift To Fantasy', Random House have recently created a series of E-books as E-books from her most recent hardback title, 'With Bold Needle & Thread'.

My hard copy arrived a few weeks ago and from the moment I opened the package and saw the front cover, I knew I was going to love it. Opening the book, I was entranced by Jane Ussher's gorgeous photography and the vintage fabrics on the inside cover, so detailed, you felt you could touch and feel the textures. Rosemary writes wittily and begins by reflecting on her childhood and her mother who introduced her to sewing. I easily identified with her writing as my mother also sewed beautifully, in fact she hand sewed the most gorgeous lawn and lace christening gown for my younger son. The images and writings are about Rosemary's extensive collection of textiles sewn by women in the first half of the 20th Century and also include many projects for her readers. 

You don't have to stitch to love this book; however, Rosemary calls it "an invitation to stitch". Sewer or not, if you have a passion for vintage items and you love witty repertoire, you will fall in love 'With Bold Needle & Thread'. Throughout the book, Rosemary kept me smiling, I love the way Rosemary cleverly relates a period of time to surrounding events. For example; in 1944 she reminds us that Casablanca won an Oscar for best picture, allied troops landed in France on D-Day and suntan lotion came on the market. With the beautiful photography and Rosemary's writing, every page is a delight. There are 49 vintage craft projects including; bags, tea cosies, aprons, cushions, adornments and decor, not to mention the hundreds of other beautiful images from her collection.

After reading Rosemary's book, it made me realise how different life is today. For me as a child, life was far more tactile, I never spent long hours in front of a screen, I stitched, drew, built huts, life was about using my hands in a creative way. Today's youth, and 'not so youth', are becoming lost in an ever growing digital world. We don't have to scour magazines for ideas when we have Pinterest and we can easily search and research everything via the Internet. So, it makes it understandable that With Bold Needle and Thread, along with Rosemary's previously published books, they should be available as E-books.

Below: Inside Images from, 'With Bold Needle & Thread'...

The publishers of Rosemary's book, 'With Bold Needle & Thread' have recently re-worked it into a series of 5 E-books, called the Rosemary McLeod Craft Series. This gives readers access to a range of vintage craft projects in various formats. If you would like a chance to win a copy of one of Rosemary's new e-Books, either Aprons, Bags, Decor, Adornments or Tea Cosies as an (iBook, Kindle, or Kobo), leave a comment beneath this post or on my Facebook page. Entry is worldwide; please remember this is a 'digital' copy only. If you wish to 'purchase' a hard copy of 'With Bold Needle & Thread', you can The lucky winner will be chosen randomly on 14th June (NZT), 2014, so please make sure you leave a way of being contacted.

If you wish to view this new E-series from the 'Rosemary McLeod Craft Series', please use the links below and remember to pick which e-book you might like to receive in case your the lucky winner;

Please leave a comment for a chance to win, you can comment here or over on my Facebook page.


  1. This book looks stunning! I'm also new to your blog and can't wait to look around.

    1. Thank you Melanie, it seems most people have left comments over at my FB page, the give-a-way is open to comments left here or my Facebook page. Good luck :)



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