Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Coastal, With a Touch of Hamptons - What do you think of Laura Ashleys FRESHWATER Range?

Laura Ashley opens its doors to its 'Freshwater' collection, I'm feeling a little bit Hamptons, a little bit coastal. Laura Ashley state, "this classic decorating scheme of just two or three tonal colours is all about creating a harmonious canvas, so that touches of individuality can be added for a stylist effect. Taking inspiration from coral and plant life around the shoreline, this casual and laid back story is the bridge between inside and out. It mixes textures and finishes, wood, brick, exposed beams and nut brown leather, all working together to create interest and individual style".

I am a 'neutral' girl at heart, I do introduce colour into my home by way of accessories and cushions. However, more often than not I go back to beige and lots of textures, for me it has a 'calming' effect which is important in my surroundings. I believe for a neutral interior to be successful you need to mix textures to keep things interesting and this is why I love the 'Freshwater' range. Laura Ashley have made it easy to re-create this look by incorporating lots of textures in their range and I already have my eye on a few pieces that would work wonderfully in my living room.

 Laura Ashley, Freshwater range...

If you love neutral but interesting interiors, you may want to tour this wonderful Manhattan apartment or this visit my Hamptons or Coastal boards on Pinterest for lots more ideas on creating this look.

Please note, this is not a sponsored post, I have always loved Laura Ashley and  these are my own opinions.


  1. Oh my goodness... I absolutely love this...


  2. Oh I totally agree!
    Such a lovely space;)
    Want to move in right away...
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love & hugs

  3. I love it so much!! Everything is so beautiful.


    1. Thank you Kathy for taking time to comment, I would have to say this I love everything in the range and plan to purchase a few things for my living area.

  4. Love this look, Lee, which again i find funny, since i'm kinda a color girl. However i could absolutely live in this house and have always loved Laura Ashely. Am starting to bring this into my own home, just replaced my shades of blue rug with a sisal rug, binded with a neutral band of canvas. A great find at Spotlight and 50% off!


    1. Thanks Jane, the sisal rug you bought would be perfect to go with this range. Sisal goes with anything and adds great texture to a space, a bound edge makes it look a little more formal and I think is necessary with sisal if your having it as a rug. I might just go and have a look at them myself. I would like one for my office and move the lovely Turkish rug over to my lounge...after the reveal that is as I feel the rug is too gorgeous and needs to be shown off in its full glory, not with a desk standing over it.

  5. Lee, Spotlight also had these lovely linen (buttoned) headboards for queen size beds - only $350 i think they were, just lovely, was sooo tempted, but didnt'. I think they only had one per store from what i understood. I would guess that is about what it would cost to make a head board, but of course if i did go that linen route, it would mean i wouldn't use that lovely multi-colored paisley i had intended using.

    oh, decisions, decisions.

    Jane - who is very pleased with her pulled thread table runner i made yesterday and blogged about

    1. $350 is a good price for a buttoned headboard, you must be careful with the linen though as if your room gets a lot of sun it can fade quickly. I learned the hard way. It cost me $180 all up to make my guest room headboard. Of course there is labour and time not counted.

      I think your multi coloured paisley sounds really lovely and would definitely make a statement. I must check out your pulled thread table runner (still not receiving updates?).

      Lee :)


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