Thursday, 21 August 2014

Be Bold With Black


If you are like me, possibly the largest bulk of black in your home is the 45" digital TV that one simply can't disguise (I often find myself wondering why we don't see white TV's). Today I want to actually welcome black in a decorating palette and see how interior designers have used it to create some stunning spaces.

If you want to use black as a predominant colour there needs to be a careful balance. Personally, the perfect choice to offset black is the addition of a reflective colour such as its opposite, white. Whether a feature wall/walls, ceiling, floor, bench top or furniture, balanced it can look stunning in both a contemporary or traditional interior. Black is the absence of colour but add just the right amount of white and the answer to the equation might be this gorgeous Ralph Lauren bedroom (below).


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I realise that black is not every ones cup of tea, however combined with white, it really can look fabulous. I am currently working on mood boards for my bedroom and toying with using a little black.

If your loving a little black and white, view my Black & White Interiors Board for lots more ideas at Pinterest.

Blue skies and not a cloud in sight, I wonder, is this the first sign of spring in Auckland?

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