Monday, 18 August 2014

Organic, Rustic Style Interior and The Blue Moon Trading Company

Katie Gagnon is the owner of The Blue Moon Trading Company, a designer and stylist with a penchant for organic pieces. Katie loves natural materials and this shows in her company's range of products, many of which she has enlisted artisans to work with materials such as re-purposed barn-wood, zinc and concrete to create her signature pieces. 

Blue Moon Trading Company based in Tampa, Florida, also offer a design service for their clients where Katie can advise on paint colours, upholstery and sourcing and placing of furniture. Katie has a unique style with a penchant for organic materials and as soon as I saw her Bay Shore project, I was smitten. Katie's eye for detail shows not only in her product design but also in her home styling. Her pieces have an organic, rustic charm and Katie cleverly combines classic and French style furniture with organic, to create her signature look.

Above: A mix of classic and rustic.

Above: I love the suspended lamp which reminds me of a large limpet shell. Katie takes classic French style chairs and combines them with organic pieces, to create an eye catching dining space.

Above: Pressed steel ceiling panels bring some drama to a simple kitchen

Above: Katie's large rootball lamp adds an organic touch to the bedroom

Photography by Mina Brinkey  Design by The Blue Moon Trading Company

If you love Katie's style and would like her help with your home or would like to view her unique products, hop over to the Blue Moon Trading Company's official site for further information. Katie also has an inspiring blog where she further shares her style.

 Below are a few of her unique pieces...


  1. I quite like this, the naturalness of it all, not sure i want a tree trunk in my room, but i do like the natural fabrics.

    1. It is definitely more suited to a beach or coastal home. I think the tree trunk table base is really clever. I don't think it would be so effective if it wasn't bleached and faded but the bleached, driftwood appearance looks fabulous. This is not a look that would suit every home or personality but I love it for its simplicity and the boldness in combining such opposites.


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