Friday, 15 August 2014

Interior Designers Show Their Flair - Working With Art In Their Designs

Above: The painting determines the colours in this dining room. The bleached wood framed chairs reflect the white of the horse and the upholstery reflects the colours of the background of the painting. You may notice the curves of the tops of the chairs reflect the curves  seen in the horse. Other pictures are kept simple with black frames.

A home without art can lack soul, embarrassingly, as an artist, I am the first to admit there is not enough art on my walls, something I am currently looking at improving. When we plan to decorate a room, we immediately start thinking, what colour, what patterns, what furniture etc and it can easily become overwhelming. Even the task of choosing a wall colour can become so absorbing that we forget about the whole picture. Interior designers however, know that art can be the perfect beginning to inspire their overall design.

I know there are designers that will find the perfect piece of art for a completed project. However, the project could be inspired by the art. I have often seen art in galleries that I instantly love, and then think, they wouldn't fit into my existing décor. Why am I afraid of change, why not buy the art I love and let my decor be inspired by the piece of art. Analysing a piece of artwork you can draw inspiration from both its colour, style and pattern and it can help you determine your overall scheme.

I have found some images to show how designers work with or around art...

  Above, this art is simple, there is no denying what it is and the designer has used the  lines as inspiration by introducing vertical stripes into the room with the upholstered chairs. To have horizontal stripes would not have given enough contrast. The lighting reflects the colours of the background of the artwork and is in complete contrast to the straight lines seen elsewhere in this dining area, creating a more interesting effect.

Above: Transitional Dining Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Hamilton Design Associates

Above: This space is all about the art, it is the art that speaks and allows the furniture to show itself off too. Too often people go about creating intricate vignettes on consoles and hide their simple beauty.

Above: Transitional Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Hamilton Design Associates
 Above: This stunning bedhead is sure to be the focal point of this bedroom. The artwork above the drawers is subtle and in similar tones and doesn't detract from the bedhead. I like the way the pictures are more or less, in line with the headboard.

Above: Contemporary Bedroom by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Chango & Co.

 Above: Here, the designer has used the idea of decorative patterns from the painting  and introduced different patterns of similar genre but introduced pops of colour. I love layering and this corner of the room has been cleverly layered with the smaller picture and items on the side table.

Above: Traditional Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Christopher Burns Interiors

 Above: The antique mirror forms the perfect background for these simple antique pictures and the white cherub. The mirror reflects a hanging chandelier that is a similar colour to the frame on the left hand side.

Above: Spaces by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Deborah French Designs

 Above: A simple contemporary artwork reminding us of the blue ocean and golden sands. The driftwood lamp is an appropriate piece. The simple,whitewashed console works beautifully under this painting, the white grains in the wood almost appear as waves washing onto the sands.

Above: Contemporary Living Room by Scarsdale Interior Designers & Decorators Clean Design

Above: This simple artwork reflects the natural wood of the cot below.

Above: The green in this painting has been used to enhance this sitting area with furniture in a similar shade of green. The branch also corresponds to the hedges in the painting. The crimson flowers also draw colour inspiration from the painting.

Above: Simple black and white art works beautifully over the black and white trellis wallpaper and the surrounding furniture. A peek of the cushion shows the designer has chosen to keep the trellis theme throughout.

 Above: As an artist I will always say hang art at eye level, however there are exceptions and a gallery wall is one. I love how these paintings have been hung from the top of this wall to the bottom, creating the sense of a larger piece of art work.

Above: Industrial Dining Room by New York Architects & Building Designers Lauren Rubin Architecture

This week has gone by so fast, I don't know where time goes these days. I think now dividing my time between the blog and painting again, time seems to have vanished. I have a busy weekend ahead working on my painting and I am going out to look at a lifestyle property which will be interesting. I hope you all  have a lovely weekend.


  1. I have often read by top designers that if you design a room well you should be able to put any piece of art in it and you shouldn't worry about matching your art to your room. Always buy art because you love it not because it will match your furniture. Art definitely finishes off a room beautifully.

    1. Hi, Thank you for commenting. I agree but sometimes it is difficult for people to know where to begin with decorating a room, this post was simply about using your art as a starting point if you don't know where to begin. Of course one should buy the art they love not because it matches your furniture.


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