Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bedside Tables - Inspiration from rustic to gold

I am still in the throws of planning the re-decoration of my bedroom and have been looking at ideas for bedside tables, I have already promised to share my design board, however as I am still undecided on a lot of things, I am not quite at the stage of completing the board. On the other hand, I found lots of interesting ideas for bedside tables, some I love, some are not my style but I am sure that you will find something that may inspire you and personally, I am inspired by a little black in my room.

Basically anything can be used as a bedside table, from a rustic ladder to an expensive designer piece. Whatever you do, don't buy a matching set of bed, side tables and dresser or your room will feel like it has no personality, your bedroom should showcase your personality so let yourself free. There are points to remember, so you might want to refer to an earlier post I wrote on creating a restful  bedroom.

I remember my very first house, we had little money left after the purchase, so furniture was minimal. My TV stand was a cardboard box with a very pretty Laura Ashley piece of fabric thrown over to hide it.  I only mention this as I believe that you can make a house into a home even on the tightest budget. Some of these bedside ideas I am sharing today come into the category of 'thinking out of the box' so to speak, such as this step ladder below. However, having lived with bedside tables without drawers for the past few years, most definitely my new tables will have at least one drawer to tuck away a book and place my earrings in at night.

Think black...

Think out of the box...

Maybe you don't have a lot of space for a desk in your house, why not incorporate one into your bedroom...


Or you might want to go for a little opulence...

Image sources: Original images are via my Pinterest board

If you want to see more ideas, please visit my Pinterest boards.


  1. Love the ladder Lee, plus the mirrored piece of furniture. Shame they're so expensive here.

    1. You can pick up ladders quite cheaply at 'Junk and Disorderly' on the shore. Mirrored furniture is quite expensive in NZ but they have a good selection at Interior Design online Some of the smaller ones are not too badly priced.


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