Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Florabunda - A Celebration of Colour by Laura Ashley

Apart from my interest in interior decorating, I am also an artist, my subject matter is flowers and my current works are in oil medium, however in the past I used to specialise in watercolours. Watercolours have a special place in my heart as they are what inspired me to start painting. The liquid fluidity of the medium challenged me, however suited my floral subjects perfectly. Transferring this fluid, floral look onto fabrics with digital printing is a growing trend so I have been looking around for some inspiration.

One company that is inspired by this look is Laura Ashley with their Florabunda range. Florabunda is not just about faded beauty, but "the celebration of colour" and Laura Ashley include vibrant floral designs and tropical colours in their range. They also explore large scale watercolours, lush Florals and pops of brilliant colours such as cyclamen, camomile, azure and tangerine. If you love to add texture then you will love their embroidered floral cushions. If you have a more traditional style home or cottage, you may prefer softer watercolours. Alternatively if your home is contemporary or you want to inject vibrant colour then the jewel like tones of their Lena cushion and Mayfair sofa are sure to bring a smile to your face.

1. Christine cushion AUD$99.95|2. Lynden 2.5 Seater Sofa in Dalton Cerulean RRP AUD$5,295 |3.Pineapple Complete Table Lamp RRP AUD$249|4. Penryth Mirror AUD$899| 5. Cream floral corsage ceramic vase AUD$49.95

1.Dahlia Multi Cushion 50x5RRP AUD$129| 2. Florabunda Multi.Cushion 50x50 RRP AUD $119| 3.Mayfair 2.5 Seater Sofa in Dalton Zinnia RRP $4,695|4. Eden Orchid Throw 130x180 RRPAUD$69.95| 5.Whitstable lamp base RRP AUD$199 with 12' Austen Natural Shade RRP $99.95|6.Penryth Gold Leaf Mirror RRP AUD$899|7.Nieve Multi Cushion 30x50 RRP  AUD $99.95

If you want to explore more of this pretty range, please visit Laura Ashley


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