Monday, 15 December 2014

A Charming Ohio Cottage Photographed By Julie Ranee

Julie Ranee is a talented photographer especially when it comes to taking that perfect interior shot. Julie photographed the interior of this Ohio cottage, wonderfully capturing its old world charm and I couldn't resist sharing it with you.

When it comes to photographing an interior, I have miles to cover before I can take that perfect shot. I bought a pro camera specifically for my blog, but the only shots I am proud of are the ones I took of my little Schnoodle, Poppy, they are not exactly interior shots but I do believe they captured her charm. The best shots are those that tell a story, give an insight into the person living in a home, sharing their style and possessions that make their home unique. Julie Ranee made it easy for me to be charmed by this sweet cottage, from its shingled exterior and inviting garden, to its pretty cottage interior of vintage and antique furniture and collectibles. It is clear to me that its owner Emma, has a passion for times past, loves texture and is a creative person with an eye for detail.

Julie has some charming photos on her website of her other projects, if you want to see more of Julie's work or would like her to photograph your project or home, please visit Julie Ranee's Houzz profile where you can contact her direct.


  1. Wow, I just love that desk. And the table with the logs for legs is simply amazing. It's giving me ideas :)

    1. Thank you Kamyria for taking time to comment. I love the desk too, that is what drew me to the images. I actually didn't notice the legs on the outdoor table, yes, very clever idea which could be reproduced.


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