Friday, 12 December 2014

DIY Holiday Candle Holders - Surprise Your Guests With These Little Cuties

I made these little candle holders to go on my Christmas table, I wanted one for each guest so they could take them home. They were very simple to make and took only a few minutes.

I actually had the idea for these candles a few months ago but saw some similar ones in Sandra Kaminski's latest book 'Christmas At Home', Sandra used slightly larger pots and candles but the concept is the same. You only need a few items and a hot glue gun to create these little candles, they look really gorgeous placed in the centre of each dinner setting.

Items Required:
  • Small terracotta pots (1 for each guest). I used 5cm x 5cm pots (2" x 2") from a garden centre, (Kings Plant Barn). If you want to use larger candles, select slightly larger pots. I chose the smallest ones they had as I thought they were very cute.
  • You will require ribbon for each pot, I used around 2 metres if I remember rightly for 6 pots, buy extra as it always comes in handy.
  • Florists Oasis (one brick), I bought mine from a $2 shop. A quarter of a brick will make 6 pots at least.
  • Florists moss (you can buy in a bag from the garden centre).
  • Packet of individual slender (tall) birthday candles (red or white will work).
  • Hot glue gun
  • Slice a square piece of Oasis off with a knife to fit inside the pot snugly. 
  • Drop some hot glue into the base of the pot and gently push your oasis in so that it touches the glue and fixes in place firmly. As it is square it should squash into the sides and sit snugly.
  • Cut your ribbon the correct length and lie your pot on its side, over the top of the ribbon so you can tie it firmly around and into a bow. I did this first so not to damage the delicate candles) by trying to tie it later.
  • Take a candle and gently push it into the centre of the oasis so that it sits firmly at the height you want.
  • Then remove the candle gently and drop some glue into the hole you made and push your candle gently back into the hole so that the glue fixes it in place.
  • Place a little glue around the top of the oasis and gently break some moss off and place it around the oasis covering it so you cannot see the oasis.
  • If you are having a theme coloured Christmas table you could paint you pots a colour using Chalk Paint™.
  • You could also paint your pots white, then paint around the rims with clear PVA glue and dip in glitter. Miss Mustard Seed's German glass glitter is beautiful and comes in a range of pretty colours.
  • I used a recycled egg box to store my pots until I need them. A useful box to carry them if you are taking them to someone as a hostess gift.

Have fun!

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