Monday, 30 March 2015

Texture Rules In This Balboa Island Home

I have been a fan of Blackband Design for some time now, they have a fabulous way with colour and pattern and a many of their interiors are coastal inspired which is a style I am growing to love dearly. Successful interior design has to be the perfect balance of colour, pattern and texture and Blackband always get it right.

Why wouldn't Blackband Design draw on the colours of the sea and sands for this coastal home on Balboa Island. Blue and sandy beige's work so well by the ocean but can be a little boring unless combined with lots of texture which Blackband is so good at. I am learning the importance of texture as I go through the re-design of my cottage. Texture doesn't necessarily mean texture in fabrics such as velvet and linen but extends through to furniture and decorative pieces, such as the different textures in the mirror and cabinet seen in the image above.

Above: Texture and pattern add interest. If you prefer a neutral palette, look for lots of different textures to add interest to a space
Above: mixing patterns, geometrics and florals works wonderfully for cushions

Above: If you have a large open plan living space, designate your areas for eating and relaxing. Fireplaces make great focal points in which to arrange your seating

Above: I am a great fan of stripes, used in a room with a low ceiling, they will make the ceiling appear taller. Used horizontally they can make a short hallway look longer

Above: Mix your patterns but keep the tonal values similar

Above: Using an accent colour such as the red bench seat at the end of the bed, adds an element of surprise. The bench would be a handy place to pop your pillows on at night

Above: A feature wallpaper in a bathroom breaks up an expanse of white

Above: Texture can be introduced by way of rattan blinds and work wonderfully in both coastal and country style interiors. Stripes and floral work side by side as the pale blue/grey in the striped curtains and the circles and flowers cushion on the bed is a connecting colour

Above: Chunky textured headboards are becoming very popular. This is almost a knitted pattern, you can get chunky sisal weaves or rattan too

Above: Nautical colours work well in a child's room
Above: A series of prints look fabulous in a hallway and if hung side by side horizontally, they can make a short hallway feel longer. Tip, when hanging pictures, don't forget to hang them at eye level, often people tend to hang them too high. These photos are perfectly hung. With a short hallway, choose landscape rather than portrait photographs (meaning they are longer rather than taller, as above)

I really do love this interior, it has lots of restful colours with brighter accents in unexpected places. The furniture all works wonderfully together and adds interesting texture. This home feels lived in with great use of space.

If you would like to see more of Blackband's work, please hop over to their Houzz profile to view more of their designs. If they were in New Zealand I would be using them without hesitation to give my living room a new look. Oh, and did I mention you can purchase their fabulous pillows in a range of designs at their on-line store on Houzz.

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