Monday, 18 May 2015

French Style in California

Continuing my quest for French style homes I spotted a grand statement both inside and out...

You could easily mistake this residence for a Grand French Villa, but surprisingly it is in California. This large project was by Fleming Distinctive homes, run by Jodi Fleming, Bryan Gill and Jon Robinson. Between them they have a wealth of experience that enables them to "provide their clients with the very best in design and project management". The brief for this home was clearly French style and its beautiful facade portrays this so well, from the grand entrance with its decorative wrought iron gates to the French inspired interior that lies beyond.  

I don't have the budget to build such a grand home, however ideas in homes such as these can be scaled down to be used in smaller premises. For example the iron gates above, could be used in a smaller version on a side entrance, which would definitely make visitors want to see beyond. Landscaping is another way of being able to add not just a touch of the Mediterranean but also increase the value of your home. If you ever need to sell your house you want it to be attractive enough for prospective buyers to desire to see inside. I am growing star jasmine at the entrance to my home in the shape of a diamond and plan to put a fountain or something in the centre, maybe similar to the image below. I always look for simple ideas even in the most grandest of homes and adapt it to my own little cottage. So, look closely for ideas that you might be able to use in your d├ęcor whether a majestic light fitting, a pretty vignette, a potted topiary or a gorgeous iron gate to enhance your exterior.

Photography by Jeri Koegel

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