Saturday, 23 May 2015

Put Away the Purposeful Vase and Look For Something Different to Display Flowers


Bored with glass vases, the thought of re-purposing vintage items or using china designed for other purposes seems a fun way to display flowers. Vintage teapots, trophy's, tin cans, metal urns, milk jugs and glass bottles, can all be used to display a bloom or blooms...

My mother had the most amazing garden, it was her pride and joy and no matter the season, there were always flowers to fill her collection of vases. A single rose bud was placed in a tiny slender vase or a bunch of turquoise blue hydrangeas may stand proudly in a large cut crystal vase. Blue glass vases, clear glass, opaque, crystal, porcelain, silver, you name it and my mother had one. Myself however, I like to look for containers that are not specifically designed for flowers and although they might not be quite what my mother envisaged, I am sure she would be smiling down from heaven to see flowers in my father's old pewter tankard even if I didn't polish it up.



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How do you like to display flowers, what is your favourite container and what is the most unusual item you may have used?

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  1. I love all these ideas Lee, i have used empty baked bean tins (minus the label) and they look good in groups of three, plus old glass milk bottles. Also i have a collection of vintage tins and they work too. Oh this has given me some inspiration for this raining sunday of ours.


    1. Thanks Jane for taking time to comment and I am glad you have found some inspiration. Actually image 11 with the bark, I found some of this bark at Le Monde in Parnell, they have it coiled in sheets of different sizes for $10. I didn't have my purse on me as was walking my dog but going to go back to get some as I think I could use it around some empty jars to get the same effect.


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