Monday, 25 May 2015

It's All About Pattern & Colour by this Mother and Daughter Design Duo

There is a freshness about this interior designed by mother and daughter team J K Kling Associates. 

Interior designer Judy Kling and her daughter Wendy's work featured previously on Lee Caroline when we shared a traditional interior from one of their projects. state they "strive to combine understated elegance and comfort, while staying mindful of colour, texture and fabric design." An important statement as sometimes designers can go overboard with elegance to the extent that a design may not feel relaxed enough for every day living.. It should be about a balance of daily living combined with elegance and clearly this pair have achieved this in their Lowell House project. 

With many bedrooms to decorate, this design duo have combined the use of decorative papers and patterned fabric to give each room a unique look. Feature walls have a stronger use of pattern such as the Ikat wallpaper above. Using a patterned fabric on an upholstered bed head, is a clever way of introducing colour and pattern if you wish the walls to remain neutral. Combining two patterns such as the small blue trellis behind the stronger patterned headboard in the blue room is a clever use of pattern. This works well if you keep your colour palette of the same strength of tone. The living and dining area remain fresh and neutral with a warm toned, textured paper on the wall. This project is most definitely elegant yet at the same time, understated which I am sure is the look they wanted to achieve.

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