Monday, 1 June 2015

An Eclectic Apartment Sings Colour

Using colour in way to create a powerful statement in home, yet keep it 'real and relaxed' is not as easy as some may think. Inspired by its owners wide collection of art, the designers of this Sydney apartment have excelled in creating a colourful interior.

If you follow my blog regularly you will know that I live in a fairly neutral environment but more recently have introduced a little colour to my home. I am talking subtle colour using a limited colour palette which is an easy task. However, when it comes to using colour and pattern to compliment artwork in a vibrant way, this can become quite a challenge. Sydney based Interior designers, Adam Scougall and Benjamin Napier, Directors of 'AS You See it!', have  taken on this challenge and transformed a Sydney apartment with its collection of artwork into a stunning eclectic environment that is unique and totally captivating. This interior could almost be described as artwork itself. Eclectic, creative, colour, pattern, life yet leisure too, this home truly sings colour.

I hope you've enjoyed this stunning apartment, although there is strong use of blue and green, it has been perfectly balanced with a background of soft greys and natural wood furniture. More images can be seen at, AS You See it!' If you wish to have these talented designers work on your project, please visit their website for further information.


  1. Hi Lee
    This is a lovely apartment but for me it's still really neutral, apart from the blue chairs and a couple of headboards. For me, I think what it really is, is a great example of texture with all the picture frames, baskets, wood furniture.

    Hope you're welll

    1. Thanks for your comment Jane, yes there is lots of wonderful texture in this home, also
      a lot of pattern and colour. From the striking blue sofa and Ottoman that contrast to the neutral beige sofa. The gorgeous coral and blue in one of the bedrooms and that fabulous vibrant green and white that has been contrasted with blue. The background is a neutral palette with colour introduced with the artwork, some furnishing and lots of accessories and bedlinen, it is an great way to jazz up a neutral base.

      I have just finished a design project which is a completely neutral palette for the walls, floors, curtains, romans and sofas but I have introduced contrasting pattern and colour with beautiful cushions on the natural linen sofas which were inspired by the colours in a vibrant artwork the client bought. I will be sharing this on the blog soon.

      It is amazing how colour can lift a space and give it a completely new look.


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