Monday 12 October 2015

House Tour - A Holiday Home Near Cape Town

A couple of years ago I was invited to South Africa for a friends wedding, unfortunately I wasn't able to attend and I was terribly disappointed at the time, and still am, I felt like I missed out twice, not only my beautiful friend's wedding but the chance of seeing the stunning South African scenery and amazing wild life. Usually when one thinks of South Africa, safari's and dusty plains spring to mind, however, the beauty of this country extends far beyond to stunning mountain ranges, wineries and idyllic coastline. It is on such coastline that I discovered a home far away from the 'big five'.

Perched on Misty Cliffs, minutes from the seaside village of Scarborough lies this gorgeous beach house. The house has been decorated with visitors in mind as it is available as a self catering holiday rental, 45 minutes drive from central Cape Town. Imagine waking up to an ocean view at the foot of your bed, or meandering along the wrap around decks and breathing in the salty scent of the azure seas below. The owners say the beach is small but a great place to surf or walk. I love to walk along ocean beaches and usually carry a plastic bag to fill with shells and pieces of sea weathered glass. To me the ocean is like a great massage, it makes you feel relaxed and all the problems of the day seem to evaporate into nothing. Keeping the decor simple, a little rustic with seaside touches, this home is the perfect place to relax on holiday and leave all those your cares behind.

If you are thinking of visiting South Africa or Cape Town and would love to stay in this beautiful beach home, you will find more information at


  1. It's a lovely home and great story. If every owner would use these simple decorating ideas and professional photos they would earn a lot from their holiday homes. Thanks for the link to our site.

    1. Thank you Johan for taking time to comment, I am so pleased you enjoyed this post. I found it hard to find a holiday home that I wanted to write about as many are poorly decorated, this one was perfect and as you say, holiday home owners could gain a lot of inspiration from the styling and photography of this seaside home.


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