Tuesday 13 October 2015

Tuesday's Mix - Naked Cakes and DIY Homeware

I used to have a regular weekly post that contained a medley of recipes, DIY homeware and interior inspiration but somehow it slowly disappeared when I had to reduce time on the blog due to dry eyes. Recently, a reader made a comment that my blog "felt like sitting down with a good magazine", I was really happy to hear this but also aware that the magazine type inspiration I had wanted for Lee Caroline had slipped a little as I hadn't been featuring this post. So, I am re-introducing a regular post with links to recipes and DIY projects for the home and calling it 'Tuesday's Mix'.

It was easy to find inspiration for this first post as my eldest son is getting married in a few weeks time and I have nominated myself to make the wedding cake. I have decided I am either crazy or overly optimistic as I have never made a wedding cake in my life and the only recipe that I know works for me is my Fail Proof Chocolate Cake recipe. However, I want to make a 'naked cake', these are quite the trend and they can look as impressive as you want to make them, yet much easier than a traditional wedding cake, at least the You tube video's make them look easy. They can either be stacked in the same size or tiered and usually decorated with fresh flowers or fruit.

I have tracked down a few bloggers with simple instructions for making a naked cake. The cakes could be for a wedding, any function for that matter or simply a luncheon with friends where you might hear a few wows!

Make this lovely spring naked cake with tips and tricks from Just Destiny Mag
Above: White Chocolate Spiced Cake with Rosewater Cream Cheese Layers, Crushed Pistachios and Meringue Pebbles - Step by Step visual instructions from Constellation Inspiration - Photography victoryyuen
Above: This lovely cake is from matchboxkitchenkitchen.com who shows you how to make almost any cake

A couple of DIY items you can make at home:

Above: These unusual concrete light fittings are simple to make from plastic bottles. Hop over to Brit + Co for simple instructions with photographs
Above: Design Love Fest shows you how to fashion these DIY Plant Pockets from simple air dry clay, hop over to Design Love Fest for instructions.

And finishing off with a few inspirational bathroom images...


  1. Haha... I think I recognise that quote about your blog being like reading a good magazine! So true.. and I love that you're bringing in the Tuesday mix - a great read.

    1. Thanks Susan but I have an apology to make this week, I have not been able to post due to some unexpected things cropping up in life and some decisions to be made that have dragged me away from the blog, however they are rather exciting and I will be sharing on the blog very soon.

      Tuesday's mix will be back next week :).


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