Wednesday 16 December 2015

Be Inspired - Christmas Tablescapes

1. I bought this wee tree for my mantel but thought it would look nice on the table too

Have you thought about dressing your table this Christmas but not sure where to start, I thought I would share a few of my own ideas and more inspiration from around the web.

I was recently introduced to BloomNation, a flower delivery service which inspired me to share some Christmas tablescapes with you. BloomNation promote local florists throughout the USA through their on line marketplace and in the future they plan to ship internationally. If you don't have time to think about how to decorate your Christmas table, flowers or foliage are a quick and easy solution to make your table look beautiful.

2. Above: Last year for my centrepieces I soaked two blocks of oasis and picked Magnolia blooms from a local tree, combining them with a few sprigs of Rimu for a festive look
3. Make a little gift for your guests to take home, I made these wee candle holders, you can find simple

More inspiration from around the web...
4. Above: Slices from an old tree make fab place mats for a rustic theme
5. Above: There are times when 'less' is more such as this simple, pretty tablescape
6. Above: Pick a theme such as stars in silver or gold
7. Above: Rustic simplicity
8. Above: Think out of the box when it comes to your napkins, make something yourself, tying them with a simple ribbon of red and white is all you need if you are truly running out of time and ideas 

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  1. Love your magnolia setting pieces - SO Christmasy but with a really elegant feel to them. Might have to think about doing something for us this Christmas - something plant based would be nice.

    1. I think flowers are perfect at Christmas. This year I only have a few people coming and totally unstressed to the point that I haven't even done my shopping. I will definitely be making an arrangement of flowers and most likely Magnolias again as they are flourishing on our neighbourhood trees. Have a lovely Christmas Susan


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