Monday, 11 January 2016

Back to Blogging with an Eclectic, Paddington Interior

I hope everyone had a great New Year, I have had a few weeks off from blogging and have been enjoying the NZ sunshine and getting stuck into my latest painting. So, it's back to the blog today and starting off the new year off with an eclectic interior I am sure you will enjoy.

I have not previously featured the work of the design team from Studio Morton but quite taken with their inspiring, eclectic style. This project in Paddington, London, has a mix of a few styles that have been brought together to create a home that surely stamps it's owners personality in this vibrant suburb. This home has in fact been featured in the UK, 2014 Homes and Garden Magazine, November issue.

I was first drawn to the Asian influence seen in some of the rooms, I guess that might be because of my time living in South East Asia, I too have a few pieces of Asian style furniture. I love the simplicity of the narrow straight lines seen in Chinese furniture such as the simple black console in the hallway (image above). I also like this corner below with its traditional English, wing style armchair, upholstered in an Ikat inspired patchwork fabric. The stencil around the top of the room has more of a Moroccan feel to me, as do some of the bedrooms and the bathrooms, there is also touches seen in the the main living room. Each space throughout this home is unique and quite different than the previous space, there is a continuity yet at the same time there is an eclectic difference that I hope you appreciate and enjoy.

Re upholstering a chair can be a way of getting exactly what you want and giving a room an entirely new look
Above: I love large artwork, probably why I paint my own large canvases.
Above: Grouping lights can be more effective than a single chandelier and often more cost effective
Above: Decorative plates make a great display when grouped together. You could use similar colours like the blue and white above or collect plates with designs you like such as fruits, flowers or a collection of different coloured plates
Above: a bold fabric can make a piece of furniture stand out
Above: Ikat, Aztec patterns and a worn antique rug give this room a Moroccan feel
Above: Although I am an artist I am very cautious with colour in my home but I have been threatening to paint the back of my book shelves blue and love the shade of blue on the walls above
Above: Mix up tiles to create interest
Above: Large ceramic bowls make great basins, they don't have to be purpose made as a sink but you do risk them breaking when having the hole cut for drainage. Make sure you get a good tile cutter
Above: I think this bedside table is painted not inlaid, it is something that you may be able to tackle yourself using Chalk Paint®

I know this home is not my personal style but I could easily live there and I love the fact that there are areas that are Bohemian but other areas that are more subtly decorated. Most of all it is a fascinating home that I am sure reflects the home owners personality/personalities.

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