Monday, 18 January 2016

Coastal Style in Brisbane by Designers, Verandah House


Recently I came across a beautiful Brisbane home whose interior has been designed by mother and daughter design duo, Verandah House. I was initially drawn to the image above as I love the black and white contrast and how beautifully the bookshelf has been styled.

Recently I've been helping out in a shop my son manages, Matt has a background in retail and visual merchandising and I was commenting on his beautiful window and table top displays. He said that he not only changes the window weekly, he also moves around objects in the shop to keep it fresh and interesting. I feel this attitude should also apply to our homes and I am a great believer in changing around objects by putting away some items and replacing them or moving things around from one room to another. I had a black and white theme going on in my bedroom last winter but have switched back to pale blue and white for summer. However I am seeing lots of inspiration from this Verandah House project and a few ideas to add to my bedroom when I bring out my black, grey and white check duvet again this winter.

3. Above: Stacking some books and arranging others upright, create balance to shelves. I love to see matching spines but it isn't always possible. If you have many books you could organise them in the colours of their spines.

4. Above: In the vignette above the designers have used differing heights and repeated curves in the objects and vases they have used. The two pom poms on the wall are at different heights and if you take into account the object below, you can see a triangle forming. Triangles are often used in artwork, I myself try to make my flowers form a triangular shape on the canvas as it creates interest and balance.
5. Above: I am not personally a fan of antlers but these lights are perfect in this space which has a coastal/Asian influence about it

6. Above: Mixing textures, this space has a rustic feel in contrast to other rooms in the home

7. Above: A stunning mother of pearl shell light

8. Above: Shell necklaces and coral along with the vase and woven string bowl, make an interesting textural display. Obviously the pineapples are the perfect accompaniment to the artwork above
9. Above: Round tables make great dining tables as they are the most sociable shape. This heavy carved table could have been too much but the addition of the lighter, rattan chairs soften it and are perfect for this space. Don't match your chairs with your table, buy the table you love or the chairs you love and then find that perfect accent piece/pieces.

10. Above: A feminine corner to a coastal style bedroom. Shutters are perfect for a coastal room and are fabulous to allow the air to filter through on a humid night.
11. Above: I love this folding wood and tin table, perfect for a coastal interior.

12. Above: A feminine vignette in the master bedroom

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this beautiful home, If you are based in Australia and interested in Verandah House for your personal project, please visit their website for contact details.

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