Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Styling an Armoire

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Are you lucky enough to have an armoire somewhere in your home, if you are, they are the perfect piece of furniture to display some much loved items on top or around.

Styling an armoire is much like styling a console, however you have to remember that you will be looking up, not down so using small, low items just won't work, a group of larger objects however can make quite an impact. Remember to vary the heights of whatever object you choose to help create balance, play around with different items and positioning until you feel they look balanced. I normally display my collection of blue and white china on my armoire, however I sometimes change it up for a rustic look such as in image 4 (below). I have been looking around for some images to inspire you with decorating an armoire yourself and if you don't own one, have a fabulous collection of Armoires in almost any style you could want, including many bargains at under $500 which is practically unheard of if you were shopping for one in New Zealand.

If you are not familiar with Chairish, it is an on-line market place where individuals list and sell second hand designer and antique, furniture, lighting, art, rugs, accessories, you name it they have it. Unfortunately if you don't live in the US, Chairish currently only ship within the USA but I am hopeful in the future, this might change. For you lucky US readers, you will have a fantastic time browsing or shopping their website, especially if you are not familiar with it. Finding that perfect piece is easy, you can search by style, category, price or visit their 'vault' page to view high priced and rarer items. I picked out one of their gorgeous armoires and some of their homeware and put together an idea for an Asian feel. Plus, I have added some more inspiration discovered on Houzz and Pinterest.

2. Above: All the items, I used to style the armoire (including the armoire), are items for sale at Chairish.
4. Above: Me playing around with different decorative items in my own home, neither are perfectly balanced, the second one I should have brought the basket forward a little more. The first one I was just working out what I wanted to use on top. Find your objects then play around to achieve a balance

More inspiration...

 Above: Baskets work well as display items - Design - Bosworth Hoedemaker
Above: Group three similar items such as these glass vessels, then use a large vase of a different material and fill with dried branches, olive branches, willow etc to add height Image via -  Centric General Contractors
Above: Add height by stacking different sized boxes in the same colour as your armoire - Image via Ridgewater Homes Inc
Above: This display has a coastal feel to it - Image via Pinterest 
Above: vary heights and shapes of vases but keep the colour scheme the same - Scout Designs - Photography Patrick Cline 
Above: Keep it simple, but remember proportions, a large console deserves a large decorative piece - Design by, The Cabinetry

No matter your style, you will always find an armoire to suit, they are not only decorative but are perfect for storage. Without my Korean wedding cabinet I would be lost as I have little storage in my house and it fits a myriad of things in it. If you are on the lookout for an armoire, don't forget to head over to Chairish to view their latest listings.

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