Friday, 8 April 2016

Introducing the Stunning new Bridgehampton Range of Fabrics and Wallpapers by Thibaut

Above: Chair, 'Panthera', Navy

Aptly named 'Bridgehampton', which is a small hamlet located on Long Island NY, Thibaut have a modern take on Hamptons style with their new Bridgehampton range. Described as "spirited, classic, carefree and bold" this gorgeous range truly packs some punch.

The right mix of colour and pattern is essential to great interior design, mixing patterns and colours can take a boring space and turn it into something absolutely fabulous, so designers are going to love Thibaut's new Bridgehampton range. Designs are both traditional and contemporary from floral paisley styles to bold geometrics. The range of colours is stunning, traditional shades of blue in navy and soft aqua with contrasting pink and coral. Blue and white is definitely still my favourite combination, although I love their black and white colourway too. The patterns are designed to mix and match and it's obvious to me that this new range is going to be another winner for Thibaut.

Above: Wallpaper, 'Tanglewood' in Navy. Chair, 'Troy' in Navy. Curtains, 'New England Plaid' in Navy
Above: Duvet cover 'Demetrius' in Navy
Above: Headboard, 'Demetrius' in Aqua. Cushion, 'Temecular Embroidery' in Aqua
Above: Wallpaper, 'Waterford Floral' in pink
 Above: Wallpaper 'Portofino', brights. If you wanted to paint some furniture in this gorgeous green, you could try Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint™ in Provence 
Above: Curtains, 'Portofino' brights, stool, New 'England Plaid' in Raspberry
Above: Chair, 'Waterford Floral' pink. Curtains 'New England Plaid' in green
Above: Wallpaper, 'Temecula Embroidery' in green
Above: Wallpaper, 'Demetrius' in black. footstool, 'Panthera' in black and white, Curtains, 'Waterford Floral' in Charcoal

If you love this fantastic, new, Bridgehampton range, and who wouldn't, visit Thibaut Design to view more patterns and colourways and to locate your nearest stockist. If you live in Auckland, Diva International, stock Thibaut's range. The Bridgehampton collection has just been launched so I would advise you contact your local store to find out when they expect arrival of this range. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I have inspired myself and dreaming of a whole bunch of new cushions throughout my house.

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