Thursday, 22 December 2016

A Christmas House Tour

I love to peek inside the homes of other bloggers, especially when they are decked out for the holidays, these talented people may not be trained interior designers, however, they are just as creative. Blogger Susan from Saw Nail & Paint has the most delightful cottage style house beautifully decked out for the holiday season.

Susan has a passion for thrifting and creating beautiful things and these images of her house clearly showcase her skills both as a decorator and photographer (we bloggers need to be multi-skilled). Over at Susan's blog Saw, Nail & Paintshe writes about her DIY projects, re-painting tired furniture and creative DIY ideas, all showcased by her beautiful photography.

Susan's house has a country cottage feel and her holiday decor definitely features the traditional colours of Christmas she also celebrates Hanukkah. I hope you enjoy her lovely home, I am only posting a few images, you can view many more on her website, (link above), and while you are there I definitely advise checking out her fabulous furniture makeovers and DIY projects.

I think I am almost on top of Christmas shopping, just a few last minute groceries to buy and come creative thinking for my table decor. This year I bought a collapsible table as I just don't have the room for 10 at my own table, however it is a little narrower so I won't have as much space down the centre for my usual decorations. I hope to get a few shots up on the blog Christmas morning, if not, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Drive safely if your travelling and enjoy those special moments sharing with family and friends. And, importantly, don't forget those people in need even if it is a simple food donation or gift to the Salvation Army for families in need, it all helps and I believe Christmas should most definitely be about good will to those less fortunate than ourselves.

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  1. what a lovely home, am going to check out her blog

    Merry Christmas to you from the other end of Auckland.



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