Monday, 4 September 2017

Hamptons Style on the Sunshine Coast

Although we Kiwi's claim the 'pavlova' as ours, looking at this gorgeous Sunshine Coast home, I believe that Hamptons style may have snuck into Aussie first.

Hamptons is here to stay as it is the most relaxed way of living I can think of. There are at least two people I follow on Instagram who live in Australia and both building and posting progress of their Hamptons style homes. I follow their posts with excitement as they add images of their new bathrooms, swimming pools and landscaping, it makes me envious that I am not able to move into the home I had built down Tauranga as the inside is typically Hamptons in design. 

Hamptons is about white, lots of light and spacious living. It is about a home that makes you feel like you are on holiday 24/7. Light, neutral colours with pops of blue, green and yellows. It is a marriage of traditional style with the luxury of today's living which is the exact description of this gorgeous Hamptons style home on the Sunshine Coast. Built by 'Sunshine Coast Home Design', and nicknamed "The Somethings Gotta Give" home, for me it was love at first sight. From it's shingled exterior and powder blue front door, who could not fall in love. It has a typical Hamptons entry way leading to open plan living with the perfect ocean view. It has basically everything a lover of Hamptons style could dream of.

I hope you have enjoyed this gorgeous home, if you would like to see more of Sunshine Coast Home Designs work, I have added a link above. If you want to see more Hamptons style home tours, click the link to my Interior Design Inspiration page where you will find plenty to inspire you.

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