Monday, 28 May 2018

A Stunning San Juan Interior

Interior designers, Blackband Design create the perfect home...

Blackband are genius at designing warm and interesting interiors. Usually their homes start with a neutral palette, shades of white brighten and add a sense of space to a room. The neutral background allows designers to add texture or pattern with wallpapers and fabrics. Interesting decor pieces and artwork are stand out features in Blackbands designs. Texture and natural materials such as wood, sisal and rattan are used to their advantage. These designers have it together and are renown for their beautiful yet interesting designs such as this San Juan project.

Art is a fantastic way to make a statement
Hallways can often be a little boring but certainly not this one with a simple pair of stools and a side table. The setting adds interest and symmetry.
Barn doors are great for space saving and a stand out feature
Every kitchen needs an island bench, they are great if you have limited space for dining too. If you only have a small dining space you might want to read this post I published recently on Small Space Dining
A decorative display on a kitchen Island can be ever changing whether a simple vase of flowers or a few decor items
I really loathe the standard, frameless bathroom mirror, it is much nicer to opt for a decorative piece instead such as this circular wooden mirror, working wonderfully against the textured wallpaper
Blue and white, a timeless combination featuring in many of Blackband's designs
Pattern and texture are introduced with cushions and curtains. The design flows through the two rooms. 
Blackband are about detail such as these stunning, studded chairs
foliage breaks up the blue and white adding a freshness. I love how they have used symmetry in this space
Think out of the box when it comes to small tables. A tray on a pouffe doubles into a coffee table when required
I love how Blackband mix up patterns

Keeping things simple, using a minimal colour palette, lots of texture and a little pattern, you can make any space look inviting just as Black Band have done with this beautiful San Juan home.

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