Tuesday 10 September 2019

Boho Chic

1.  Image via Mercer Interior

The word, 'boho' may conjure up a riotous mix of colours and patterns, muddle these together in a messy but creative way and throw in some greenery and you may have the boho of the past. However, today boho can be far more chic, in fact.....'boho chic'.

'Boho' stems from the word 'Bohemian' which was a much used term of the 60's and 70's reflecting people passionate about life and culture and who wanted their homes to reflect their eclectic style. Travellers, writers and actors, were many that adopted a bohemian way of living. Today boho is a more modern eclectic, not as loud as in the past, an orderly confusion and definitely more relaxed. I call this style 'Boho chic', a little eclectic, however with use of a calming colour palette. Pattern and  texture is still important but not in contradictory way and small prints work best. It could be as simple as a hanging macrame planter or using a boho style fabric such as the shower curtain in image (2) or mixing some patterns on a bed as in image (3). Plants and rustic wood can also add a boho feel to a space but to keep it chic you don't want to over do it. It is important to make sure you have various patterns in a room but choose lighter tones and patterns that may compliment each other. When it comes to textures feel free to go wild, and don't forget those interesting collectibles you may have picked up on your travels.

Each of these spaces below have what I call a 'boho chic' feel, almost verging on 'organic' which is a part of the original boho style. I have chosen these particular spaces for their minimalist feel which in turn makes them chicer than the boho of the 60's and 70's, I hope you enjoy them and find some inspiration.

 9. Image via MURdesign 

Have a wonderful week wherever you are in the world and if you spot a room space you really love, use the links to hop over to their Houzz profile to see more.

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