Friday, 11 October 2019

Cape Cod Meets West Indies

Described as "Cape Cod meets West Indies", another fabulous project by one of my favourite design companies.

The exterior architecture of this new build leans towards Hamptons, however Black Band Design have also injected a tropical feel inspired by quote, the "vibrant waters of the Caribbean". When planning a new build by oneself with no interior designer often the interior colour palette is left until last. However, it is important to let your architect know your colour palette from the start as it may have an impact on the architecture. For example Black Band chose the beautiful waters of the Caribbean as their inspiration for turquoise to be "woven throughout the home" and that Caribbean feel also reflects in the architecture of the building such as the bedroom ceilings and vaulted stairwell. Every colour has a wide variation of tones within that colour, this means a bright turquoise could be used in a playful area such as an outdoor patio, whereas softer shades of turquoise can be used in bedroom or living area. Lighter shades again can be used on tiles or walls...colour can be played with in so many ways. In this project greens and blues have been accented with bright reds and corals, perfect shades for a tropical feel. Black Band however have balanced the more colourful rooms with some neutral spaces. 

In this beach side home colour has been infused with texture such as wicker, rattan and jute also stone and wood (as seen in one of the vanity basins). Texture and colour are the signature touches of Black Band, however, they never overdo these textures as they always balance their designs with simple pieces.

Build: Patterson Custom Homes
Architecture: Andrade Architects
Photography: Ryan Garvin

If you would like to see more panoramic shots of these spaces, hop over to Black Bands Houzz site, I have placed a link at the beginning of this post.

Have a wonderful week wherever you are in the world.

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