Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Entryway Inspiration

If we want to make a personal good impression we will want to dress our best, this can also be said of the first impression one receives as they step inside our home...

When someone visits our home for the first time, it gives them an impression of the person we are, it also gives a sense of whether a visitor might feel warmly welcomed, not just by the inhabitant but by the home itself. A tidy, welcoming entrance with style will make the visitor want to step further into your home and be more curious about it. If you are selling a house, this is especially important as you want your prospective buyer to walk beyond the entrance itself and not loose them at the door. It is not about being better than the next person or trying to keep up with the neighbours, whether you live in a mansion, a small cottage or an apartment, the way your home is decorated can have a huge impact on the way you and your guests feel and the entrance is your starting point.

We are not all lucky enough to possess grand entrance spaces where one can use large pieces but even the smallest entrance way can be made welcoming and it begins with a place to hide that clutter, remember clutter the home, clutter the mind. People expect most artists paint in a messy environment but believe me, myself included, many cannot be creative unless their space is clean and uncluttered this is especially true of realist artists. This can also be said of our homes, so here are a few important things to remember when decorating your entryway.
  • No clutter (ban shoes or find an appropriate way of hiding them)
  • A console or table with a drawer is a great place to keep keys or a large bowl could be used to hide keys if you don't have a drawer
  • Choose a console that fits in with the decorative style of your house. I don't mean match it with other furniture but if your home is French style, rustic, Hamptons, classic etc, choose a piece to fit in with your style
  • A rug is great if you have space, it can add a design feature and warm up the entry
  • A piece of art can lift an entrance way and is a great way of making a statement
  • A mirror in a small entrance way can make the space feel more spacious, a  designers trick that is often used
So, without further ado, let's see how the professionals might tackle an entrance...

Brooke Wagner Design 

I hope you have felt inspired by these entryways, if you have taken a shine to a particular style, use the link on the designers name to check out further images of their projects.

Have a great week

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