Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Inspiration From The Blogasphere Wk 10 - Interiors, Upcycling, Recipes

This week has been a long week of back and forth to mums, still sorting out but also sanding and painting. The house is really starting to look refreshed, I'm replacing old floral wallpapers with a fresh, clean neutral paint, Resene Ricecake, and painting mouldings, skirting and ceilings in alabaster. I used these colours for my own home too. These neutral whites with a touch of warmth help create a sense of  light and space and are perfect background for hanging artworks.  I'm still struggling parting with a lot of mums possessions but this week made a break through sending 5 more huge bags of clothing to the Mercy Hospice shop as Mercy were so wonderful to both of us the past few years, without their help I don't know what I would have done. I also have two bags for the SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Mum loved animals and I know she will have felt good about contributing to this worthy cause too.

Consequently this week to prepare this post I've had to rush around the web gathering  inspiration to share, a little rushed but found some great ideas, I hope you'll enjoy today's picks....

Free printables from Graphic Designer and fellow blogger Kristi at, "I Should Be Mopping the Floor". Hop over to Kristi's blog to download a sheet of various size labels in your choice of colour. Click "here" for her link to download. Print them out on self adhesive label sheets for your kitchen storage jars or on a slightly thicker paper as gift tags. Thanks Kristi for sharing such pretty designs...

How about a little "upcycling" with vintage china. Ideas from stylist Paul Lowe at country Living, step by step directions to the Lamp can be found at the link below.  PS...If an annoying advert pops up when you land on this page just hit the "x" on the ad, I found it a little intrusive, however, certainly worth hanging around to read the full instructions if you can dodge this ad which was a bit of a cat and mouse game for me :)....

 find out how to turn this box of old china into a unique lamp, step by step directions at Country Living

More ideas with old china, aren't these sweet, also Paul Lowe at Country Living...

I just LOVE blue and white,  if you'd like some more blue and white inspiration, check out my Pinterest  Blue & White Board, lots of fabulous images to be found. You can also see some of my own home blue and white collection in a previous post "here".

Oh...and a great idea of transferring plate designs onto fabric....

Iron on technique found "here"

And now for a little sweetness...

I love coffee and cake and my favourite Saturday morning indulgence is said coffee and cake usually at La Cigale market but this week I decided to DIY (saving pennies), and I've found a couple of special recipes to share. First an Apple Walnut Delight cake, and secondly Meyer Lemon Coffee Cake with Apple Streusel,  both from Liren at Kitchen Confidante. You'll find the recipe links below the images. The first one is "easy peasy", the second one takes a little more time but well worth it...

Ending this week with a sneak peek at this gorgeous apartment in Sweden, all the remaining beautiful images can be seen at Inspiring Interiors 

This week I was excited to introduce my first guest blogger, Sierra, who from time to time will be posting  fresh ideas on interiors and fashion. I would love for you to support her first post  here Nursery  Inspiration by leaving a comment. Sierra is a writer and blogger who I know will bring some fresh young inspiration to Lee Caroline - A World of Inspiration.

We hope you had a fabulous week, we are well into Spring now in New Zealand, the Peonies are in bloom and I hope to take some great shots over the next few weeks for future paintings.

Oh....and Poppy wanted to say hi today so will leave you with a parting farewell photo from her, she is one year old now but I still think the cutest little thing ever!

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  1. Awww... she's precious. I'm tickled to hear you are getting some photos of peonies for paintings... and, sounds like you're moving through this process exactly the way you need to be, one step at a time...


    1. Thanks for your comment Cindy, yes slowly I am moving forward, one step at a time as you say :). I aim to start painting in the New Year so as not to put too much pressure on myself.

      Lee :)

  2. I love blue & white, and I'd love to visit New Zealand!! Lovely blog. Following you now. Follow me too at I posted chic americana and chalk board table to Wow Us Wed! Cheers:)

    1. Thank you for your comment and follow, I have returned the gesture. I loved your chalk board upcycle. I am currently working on a great upcycle of a dated nest of tables. Hope to share this in a few weeks time.

      Lee :)

  3. I love the little individual cake boxes! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving that lovely comment about my artwork! Made my day! :)

    1. Your welcome Jennelise, your art is lovely and yes I agree those little cake boxes are cute.

      Lee :)


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